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The Francis Creative by Trisha Francis.


Hi - my name is Trisha Francis I am a Photographer and I run a Lifestyle Blog called THE FRANCIS CREATIVE — WELCOME!!! I create Visuals with Personality and a side of Humor. I share the ups, downs and in-betweens of my life with highlights of my family, graduate school, and my relationship. My goal is to share advice on the things that are important to me in hopes that it helps another woman. I live in NYC (for now) and I have had many blogs in the past, but never clicked the “public” button and eventually those blogs died off. I am now coming out of my shell as a way to share what I have to say with the world.

I started the blog as a way to display my photography and tell stories that can inspire young women. I want a platform that would give the writer in me a voice and also show my creative side as I continue to pursue my Masters of Fine Arts in Photography.

This blog is for the modern woman who is on the come up.