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Relationship Goals…SIKE!


I recently read a blog post by @patricesosoo on IG about relationship goals, communicating with your significant other, etc. and at the end she asked ... (1) how do you handle disagreements in your relationship? (2) Do you have couple goals? (3) What does your dream relationship look and feel like?

I thought what better way to answer these questions than to put them into in a blog post. As we may know relationships are fun but it’s not always peaches and cream - there are times when you don’t like your significant other at all but that is not the same as not loving them.

  1. We handle disagreements so both of us are heard. Over the years the yelling has died down a lot, now I’m not saying we aren’t pissed off with each other. But talking reaches people more than yelling and why hurt your throat to make a point (that’s pointless). I will admit though I get real quiet, which is my time to process and analyze. BF is slightly the same but we make a point to talk about the issue, whether it maybe be 30-mins or later in the day, but we discuss the issue that day - don’t drag any disagreement out past that day it happened. 

  2. I do not have couple goals. I admire couples but their relationship is not mine to fantasize about wishing my relationship is like theirs — no! I wish more people would realize that couples goals are unrealistic. Get out of the clouds people. It would be nice if our significant others could read our minds but it is just not going to happen. 

  3. My dream relationship looks like a nice platter of tacos with the works and feels like marshmallows lol. While it is great a majority of the time we do have disagreements and the tacos and marshmallows are stale. Who likes stale tacos or marshmallows, no one but that does not mean I don’t still love both foods (see my point). 

I want to thank @patricesosoo for her blog post that pushed me to answer her questions but also put my answers in a blog post. Subscribe to her for more. And subscribe to me for more lol. 


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